About AYỌ


About Us :

Simple. Sacred. Divine -Because Joy & Happiness Matters: Live it. Wear it. Feel it


 AYỌCreations(Ah-yaw) is a privately owned African inspired t-shirt brand registered in Atlanta, GA. In Yorùbáland, West Africa, AYỌ means ''JOY&Happiness''. When some souls discover Ifá they are adjured to be mindful of their dress routine as old habits wear out and new ones emerges. The AYỌ team knows this, and often struggle too, finding something #SimpleSacredDivine to wear.The creators here design Yorùbá inspired tees & more. The brand's identity and image is distinct in nature, cultivating body, mind, spirit, and soul; call it  AYỌFashion sense. Our AYỌDesigns are created for high spirited souls wanting to release their will power. The goal here (supported by the wisdom of the ancestors, etheric plane) is to consciously create, and transmit AYỌFASHion sense as it correlates to the team's destiny and other spirits migrating towards AYỌ with a shared belief system. Tees will translate Yorùbá  inspired ideas, and those of AYỌ intertwined with seen & unseen energies. Call it the Kingdom activated formula!

Our intent or mission is our will to invoke the soul of the spirit for a purposeful cause. AYỌ's gift is exclusive, and endowed with ritualized tools to nurture the Áṣẹ (power,command & authority) at the seat of your soul. Our collaborative efforts and actions makes us family, divine beings, cultivating character development (blissful vibes) according to what was pre-destined and through the ripening of each person's Ori (head, spiritual intuition, consciousness, higher awareness) #BecauseJoyandHappinessMatters !


''Straight is the gate & narrow is the way” is our mantra, and AYỌ and divine souls sharing the same space will findeth, #LiveitWearitFeelit cause its time already!!! Live your truth, wear your spirituality, and feel the JOY&Happiness in AYỌ's conscious creation. Another aspect that differentiates AYỌCreations from our competitors is the fact that Ifá, which is a system of divination(Odu Ifá, the study of observation), is ones source to destiny. The team calls it self discovery! Self-actualization, controlling of ones thoughts, living a narrow and balance life keeps one spiritually grounded and is the actual act of the literary corpus of Ifá. A Babaaláwo( father of mysteries) uses a Divination Tray(Opon Ifá) to consult on a spiritual level to later reveal ones destiny.

A few of our rewarding benefits. 1. We dispose less waste in our landfills improving the condition of aiye(the earth), 2. You, the customer live simple (do away with meaningless collection of clothes/unhealthy, dream killer habits) 3. Sacred dress routine for divine brothers and sisters cultivating good character and less sex appeal in our communities 4. Plus your purchase/s are conducive to the Kingdom in you. Áṣẹ, áṣẹ, áṣẹo